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Recruitment policy

Recruitment of all staff members will be in consultation of the 2 directors and the administrator of the laboratory. Every employee will be offered a job description, contract (subject to rules of employment), and a mandatory orientation will arranged for the employee.

The Administrator will have the responsibility to delegate responsibilities to team leaders who will be responsible for keeping record of all the fixed and replaceable medical equipments in the laboratory. However, the Administrator will hold the overall responsibility for all laboratory property and ensure that team leaders have a system for handing over the responsibility to his/her successor. The laboratory will also have a ‘staff termination policy’ in the due course.

Orientation and Training

It is the responsibility of the laboratory organise an appropriate training programme for all the staff members.

Transparency policy

The laboratory will run a very fair and transparent policy and will have access to a tax adviser/auditor to keep laboratory accounts clear of any potential financial mismanagement. Every client will be treated equally and discrimination in any respect will not be tolerated. If any staff member/director wants to favour any clients, they can do so from their own resources. The laboratory will clearly display its policy in this regard for staff members/clients to discourage such expectations.

The laboratory will not tolerate accepting/offering ‘commission’ or ‘incentive’ in any form from third parties including pharmaceutical companies.

The laboratory will also have a complaint policy in place to ensure complaints are dealt with a fair and transparent way. The laboratory will clearly display a complaint procedure for the clients and they would be encouraged to put forward any suggestion for improvement.

The laboratory will also have a ‘staff termination policy’ in the due course.

Retiring Room Facilities

There is onsite retiring Room for the staff members with all the facilities.

Research & innovation

The laboratory has policy of following the ICD 10 coding system for all the inpatients and this will be used for research and audit programmes. All the staff will encourage taking part in some of these projects. The laboratory has the soft ware facilities to develop its own database which could be used for these projects.